What is a platform?

Listen now (6 min) | The name of the show is Podcasting and Platforms... What the heck is a platform? Chris Spangle explains why a podcast is no longer just an MP3 in an RSS feed. Transcript 0:00 Welcome to Podcasting and Platforms. My name is Chris Spangle. Thank you so much for being with me today. And this is a quick one. I was just thinking about you, one thing you always want to do is kind of think about I know what's in my head. And I know what I know. And if we're friends we know we know together. But then there's people outside, let's say you, you're a I'm B. Well there, see who doesn't know anything about us and has never seen us doesn't know what's going on. So I always tried to think about C's perspective. You just run across podcasting platforms. And you're like, Well, I get what a podcast is, but what is a platform? Why did you choose that word?

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