May 10 • 12M

The Art of Engaging Podcasts: Characters, Direction, and Community

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Chris Spangle
Chris Spangle has been podcasting since 2007 and has hosted over 4,000 hours of shows while editing and uploading 18,000 episodes for a total of 30 million downloads on dozens of shows. With his unparalleled experience, he takes you behind the curtain to show you the building of the Podcasting and Platforms brand.
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In this episode, we address a question from Alan Cogan about finding a clear direction for your podcast. Alan shares his struggle with focusing on the quality of the look and sound of his podcast, but not the content itself. We discuss the importance of understanding your voice, serving your audience, and engaging with your community to create a successful podcast.

How can you find your clear direction? By practicing, constantly surveying your audience, staying true to your purpose, and networking within your niche community. Remember, your podcast is more like writing a book than hosting a talk radio show. Focus on the content and the value you can bring to your listeners.

Tune in to hear more about how I found his voice, built communities through podcasting, and the lessons I learned throughout his journey.

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