Chris Spangle Appears on WISH-TV 8 to Discuss Building Business Relationships Through…Listen now (7 min) | How can a podcast support your business? Podcasts offer a cheap and personal way for small business owners to connect with their customers and generate leads. WISH-TV 8's show Business, Equity and Opportunities featured my advice on leveraging a podcast for…
Behind the Scenes: Finding Your Voice in PodcastingListen now (39 min) | Bonus Episode
Behind the Scenes: Introduction and What I Am Working On NowListen now (66 min) | Bonus Episode 1
Q&A - Should I Do Video or Just Audio for My Podcast?Listen now (6 min) | I answer Jocelyn's question on the tradeoff of distributing to other channels.
10 Reasons Why Every Business Needs a PodcastListen now (20 min) | Chris Spangle explains why every business needs a podcast as part of its content marketing plan. 1. Land meetings with potential…
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Five Pros and Three Cons for Using Video on Your PodcastListen now (10 min) | Is it worth the time and cost?
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